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Dreamy Healer 

Allow your dreams to guide your healing 

Every person has an Akashic Record. Your Akashic Record collects an energetic imprint of every thought and emotion you have ever experienced, in this life and every other your soul has journeyed through. The records hold the key to your dreams, your patterns of thought, where your soul has been and where your soul intends to go. 


I am Shivani, I am an Akashic Record reader, or an energetic translator. With your permission, I translate vibrations from your Record into words and passages to help you remember why you came here ~ your purpose in this life. You came into this physical realm with a desire to bring your unique dream into reality. Along the way, this gets distorted by our experiences and the expectations of others. My readings focus on how to remove that distortion from your energetic field, to help you reconnect with your dreams and use your unique healing powers. 

Testimonials ~

'While in the presence of words that Shivani has channeled for me, I feel that I'm connecting with higher realms. I keep them always by me, and those answers are so aligned and universal that whatever issue I have I find value and peace in reading them over and over again. Very grateful for the experience. Much love.' @kamilazajacraczka

'I have had several Akashic Record readings by Shivani. They are very accurate and reasonably priced. I still refer back to them from time to time when I feel I need guidance. In my first reading, I received information that people wouldn't normally know about me unless they had known me for some time. I can highly recommend this service.' @julie_kilminster

You can reach me here for a reading: or @dreamyhealer

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